Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making of Falke II

More detail on the modeling process.
When modeling Sub-D, I follow a concept that I call 3-edge-corner. Where 3 edges define a relative sharp beveled corner. More edges make it sharper, less softer.
The gab was modeled by slicing the geometry first, then bevel the edge to get 3 segemented polygons followed by an extrude of the middle section.
Of course that sounds too easy. Large Polygons can be tricky, so I try not subdivide the basis first before cutting gabs into it. Anyhow, I'm quite old fashioned and try to avoid to many polygons. Maybe it's part of the fun too.
Here you see more complex corner. As you see corners can look different. I matters how the adjoining polygons look like.
This one is really hard to master and you still see that the final result is not perfect. Anyhow I had no time to dig into this small detail whit more subdivision iterations. In the end it can look much more interesting if the surface isn't so perfect smooth. Well, and in the end the model got a lot dirt and scratches, so it became invisible.

Hope that the images can teach a little bit about what I do in detail.

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