Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kroete FAQ

What inspiration did you follow: I was inspired (again) by a Japanese plastic model designer who create a series of SciFi models called Maschinenkrieger. I simple love the design and found it to be a good exercise for learning a new program.

Is this a fun project: Yes, lot of fun! :-)

How is this image done: I used a 3d program to do the model and compost it on a background foto.
What programs did you used: I used Modo 401 for the model and photoshop for composting.

How was the model done: I used SubD mesh for the whole model, so every edge is smooth. Another reason is the much better result in bump mapping and much easier UV mapping.

Did you used textures: No I painted all textures inside Modo 401.

How big is the texture: I used 5 layers. The biggest is a mask the defines where there is paint or underpaint. It's an 8k x 8k map. Then there are 2 4k x 4k maps for dirt and bump. A small 2k map is used for the badges that uses an own UV channel. The 5th layer is for the camouflage, anyhow I liked a procedural noise I had for testing reason so much, that I didn't painted it.

Did you used Modo for rendering and how long it took: I used Modo 401 and render time was quite low at 30 minutes on a MacPro for a 2k x 2k image. Some images needed the Modo 64bit version to render at all.

What OS do you use: OsX 10.6

Is there any special equipment you used: Yes my Wacom... couldn't paint without it. :-)

Are you an professional artist? Yes, but unfortunately no one hires me to do cool models like this one.  ;-)

What's your next project: Well I'm busy at the moment, but after that I have another model in the cue. Anyhow I think it will be the last one for a while.


  1. Impressive work! Awesome!

    Question: How did you do the motion blur backgrounds for the flying Falke. Was it blurred in Photoshop or in Modo?

    Where did you find such cool backgrounds?


  2. Motion Blur was done in Photoshop.
    Backgrounds where found using free photo databases (morguefile) and others. And yes it was a hard job to find a shoot that works with the model (camera and sun position).

  3. Thanks! The modelling and texturing is wonderful. I have not seen the Falke modelled in 3D before. I wonder why, It's the perfect motif!