Thursday, January 20, 2011


I promised to bring this up for quite a long time. But I had a hard go on the texture and still I need to find a better background. Anyhow I published that one already elsewhere and so I thought it might be good to have it here too.


  1. Gahh! Your work it's so amazing. They are all practically photoreal. You stuff is definitely a target for me of where I wanna take my modeling/rendering/texturing.

    Would you take a look at one of mine and give me some thoughts? This is an original mech/hover tank design of mine called the S12-R Unicorn.

    I know I overdid it with the texturing but it was my first big texturing project and I had to meet a deadline.

    Need to work on my texturing and need to learn Sub D I think.

  2. Well design happens where you put parts together.. it's all about 'How'.
    Maybe just watch real design and find out why it looks how it looks, then use that knowledge on another form.

  3. Oh I don't think design is really my problem.I think considering my stuff is not based on preexisting designs it's not to bad in that regard. I'm just so impressed by the neatness of your neatness and accuracy of your geometry and the realism and detail in your texturing.

    I think I know most of the fundamentals now it's probably just a matter of dedication and skill to achieve better results. But still your work is crazy. I know alot of major movies that don't have CGI that looks that good.

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  5. Very impressive. I build and modify the kits (sometimes sculpt), then superimpose them on a real background. I can't even begin to imagine the level of difficulty of creating the entire image digitally. If you would care to see my work it can be found at

  6. Wow, you are the most impressive and professional model maker I ever seen. Thanks for your comments. I could even think of coping your Überkröte in 3d.. very cool details!

    PS: There are more images on my website.

  7. Thank you Robert for the compliments.
    I would like to see what you would do with the Uberkrote design.
    I am familiar with your work. Two years ago I found your web site while doing research on the Krote. I was very impressed by what I saw and still have difficulty believing that your work is digital. They look like the highest quality tree dimensional models.